General Survey
Fixings of steel, wood, insulation material, ect. with headed bolts direct to concrete, structural steel and brickwork.
Setting of threadbolts for the establishment of detachable connections, for screwing on ancillary means such as clips, hooks, eyes, ect.
Installation of heatings and pipings
Fixing of clips either direct or screwed on threadbolts.
Installation of shafts for hot air, ventilation and air conditioning.
Fixing of heating coils for surface heatings.
Carpentry - Indoor completion
Installation of partitions.
Fixing of load-bearing construction units.
Direct fixing of window and door frames.
Application of lathings for ceilings and wall facing
Ceiling suspensions.
Fixing of stairs, railings for staircases and balconies.
Application of mounting supports for shelves, gadgets, ect. to steel and concrete.
Installation of steel windows and doors.
Steel mills
Fixing of insulating plates to ingot moulds.
Marking of slabs and ingots.
Repair work on ingot moulds and casting plates.

Building of roofs and front walls
Sheet coverings fixed to brickwork and concrete.
Fixing of corrugated steel sheets to steel and concrete.
Application of lathings to front walls (facings).
Mounting of gutter hooks and clips.
Applecation of sheet coverings of various kinds.
Building constructions
Fixing of casings and supports for concrete forms.
Location of forming laths for obtaining even wall thicknesses.
Mounting of expansion joint plates and casings.
Application of safety appliances on site.
Insulation against sound, temperature and moisture.
Fixing of sheets to rough concrete.
Fixing of steel meshwork.
Mounting of supporting constructions for facings.
Shipbuilding industry
Application of insulation material.
Fixing of veneer for wood panelling.
Electrical and sanitary installation mounted to connecting girdes in the hull.
Fixing of chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture.